If you are visiting the land of the eternal blue sky, here we list some Mongolian products to take home which can not be bought in your country. Soon we will continue this article under a theme of food and drinks.

Cashmere or woolen products

We bet that Mongolian cashmere is the finest, warmest and the most stylish in the world. Yes, there is no doubt about that. The thinness of the fiber and the length make the Mongolian cashmere valuable. The number of goats of the country was estimated at around 27 million in 2018 which makes Mongolia as the second largest cashmere producer in the world.

You can buy a variety of cashmere products from department stores of Ulaanbaatar city 10 times cheaper than the world market. The top key players in this sector are Gobi, Goyo, Cashmere Holding, and Sor cashmere while most of them have opened their stores all around the world. Yet there are many other producers which offer the same quality and affordable price.

If cashmere is not suitable or too expensive for you, try camel, yak or sheep wool products which are also considered as warm, comfortable, stylish and no negative effect on the human body. You will not regret buying camel wool blanket and sheep wool slippers.

The rare Mongolian Hircus goats are renowned for producing some of the highest quality cashmere fiber in the world.

Organic skincare products

As the country itself has vast land and 60 million livestock to offer unique and natural ingredients, small and medium-sized enterprises and women entrepreneurs to produce high-quality organic skin care products are booming in Mongolia. The products made from animal oil, sea buckthorn, herbs, and plants are perfect for all skin types especially for those who have allergic, itchy and sensitive skin.

Put aside your products which are rich in chemicals and substances, then try one of them! Our top recommendations are Lhamour – its products are now available on Amazon, Seaberry – its products are based on sea buckthorn, Goo brand – popular with its bath bombs, hair and body care products.

Lhamourproducts are 100% organic meaning we take care of the environment together as producer and consumer.

Silver bowl

Mongolians especially men are used to having their own wooden, silver or copper bowl and carry all the time to eat food and drink tea. They do not use someone`s cups. Moreover, honored guests of the Mongolian family are offered tea in a silver bowl. Regarding this, silver mounted bowls are widely used by all Mongolians and are considered as the most respected gift.

Blacksmiths make and sell a variety of silver bowls designated for men, women, and children carving their favorite pattern.  Even one can buy a silver bowl with engraved name of themselves.

One of the distinctive traditions of Mongolia is for every man to carry their own bowl whenever they are on a journey. When visiting a family, guests then always eat and drink from their own vessel.

Morin khuur – fiddle with a horsehead

Morin khuur is a traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument that has only two strings. The bow and strings are made of horse tail hair. The construction of the morin khuur consists of a trapeziform wooden-framed sound box with two strings and a long neck with carved horse’s head on top.

Mongolians have many legends about the origin of horse-head fiddle which technically tells that the instrument was originated from the close relationship between man and horse. Morin khuur is not just a musical instrument, it is an important part of our heritage and culture. Even Mongolians keep morin khuur at their home symbolizing to call for positive energy and good deeds but it has to be played at least once in a year.

You can buy souvenir-like morin khuur or hand-made musical instruments at the most affordable prices only in Mongolia.

Ger – traditional Mongolian dwelling

A „ger” is a round shaped, portable, ecologically friendly, easy to be assembled and disassembled traditional Mongolian dwelling which has been used by nomads for at least three thousand years. It is perfectly suited for all seasons and a nomadic lifestyle with animal husbandry. The ger has the simplest structure with a canvas outer and a warmth felted sheep`s wool liner and a wooden walls, pillars, and roof to hold it all. It is made of sheep wool, and wood. Ger has no window and no separate rooms or walls.

You can buy a mini ger puzzle from Naad brand or a real one when you visit Mongolia.

Plus, the Golden Gobi brand sells chocolates in a ger-shaped box and even Lhamour brand has air cleansing ger-shaped lamps too.


The hat is the most respected clothing for all Mongolians, especially for the men. Hat and belt of the Mongolian men must be kept always on the higher places – never on the ground nor looking upward. In the past, the hat was the representation of the social status of the owner. There are about 400 hats with different styles, shapes, and purposes that also classified by the season, ethnic group and gender. To narrow down your choice, we recommend you to try Toortsog, wrestler`s hat, Jonon hat – matches perfectly with the deel and Loovuuz – a winter hat with animal fur.

Mongolian hats are varied designed for different seasons by different ethnic groups.

Mongolian wooden puzzle toys

Nomadic Mongolians have been using wood joinery techniques for making furniture, yard even its traditional dwelling to make them portable. It is believed that an interlocking puzzle – also known as a burr puzzle – was invented based on the wood joins. These toys are not only for children but also for adults. It helps in improving logical thinking, observation skills, and a creative mind. The simplest puzzle has six pieces while the extremely complicated ones have more than hundreds of pieces. Mongolian wooden puzzles require more logic and skills than the Rubik`s cubic.

Visit an amazing Mongolian Puzzle Museum founded by Mr. Tumen-Ulzii located in Ulaanbaatar city which showcases more than 5,000 puzzles with beautiful carvings, interesting shapes, and paintings.

Leather or Kazakh embroidered bags

Since the Mongolian cattle graze on the healthy vast land of the country, we can say that Mongolian leathers are the freshest, purest and have the highest quality. You will find outstanding handmade leather products including bag, wallet, and shoes from Mongolia at very reasonable prices. Even the MR – the largest leather bag brand of the country receives tailor-made offers.

Mongolian Leather Bag, the MR brand

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